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    "Don't let yourself be scammed"

    Every year hundreds of people around the world are injured permanently or die at the hands of people who hawk fraudulent diet products. Some suffer because they want to believe in something that would give them the perfect body. At, we are dedicated to inform the public about these scams. You now have a powerful vehicle to complain. To tell it quite frankly, your government languishes in the belief that diet fraud doesn't matter. Even when they fine individuals, or companies millions of dollars, they are back on the streets, even using their old names, just a few months or years later. These people are criminals, and we aim to see that you get even if you feel you have been wronged.

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    Review of some significant news developments and government actions in the last year or so.

    In Action

    Odds 'n ends, patch scams, supplement scams, and lawsuits that dietfraud feels can endanger your safety.

    Action Line

    Use the Action Line to report hazardous diet drugs, supplements, or herbs to us, the media or to government agencies.

    Herbal News

    Just because it comes from Mother Nature, and is organic, or comes from the sea doesn't guarantee that it does anything, or that it is safe.

    Recalls & Alerts

    Health Warnings for products or supplements that may be sitting on your shelf. Find out here!


    Affiliates and other resources that are already on the web dealing with health fraud and related issues. We've compiled worthwhile links that will assist you in finding out more about some of the damaging products out there.