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    SBM-GIGA - MAGTAB Hydroxycitric acid


    Another Garcinia Cambogia scam

    SmartSource - May 8, 2004

    SBM-GIGA - MAGTAB Hydroxycitric acid
    Another Canadian scam

    They operate out of a small town called Louiseville, Quebec and a mailbox drop in upstate Champlain, New York.

    The Smart Source coupon booklets that is distributed to millions of
    North American households on Saturday is the main conduit for this scam.
    Smart Source is part of the News Corporation's vast empire of media outlets
    and advertising vehicles.

    Web sites for the company include:



  • - French version

  • - contact for

  • Our United States mailing address
    SBM GIGA Inc.
    PO Box 3465
    Champlain NY
    To contact us by phone or by fax
    Tel. : 1 (514) 973-0778
    Toll free : 1-877-973-0778 (Canada)
    Toll free : 1-866-973-0778 (United States)
    Fax : 1 (450) 682-1330
    To contact us by e-mail
    For general informations :
    The product was advertised in millions of Smart Source coupon booklets that were enclosed in Saturday's newspapers across Canada. There were the usual false claims, and grammatical errors in the advertisement. We've included them all in the text below.

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    Discover the Truth
    About Losing Weight Fast
    By SBM giga inc.
    The company you can trust
    Yes it's possible...
    The extraordinary rare tropical fruit called Garcinia
    Cambogia can help you. It's amazing fruit acid
    attacks and dissolves your fat naturally.
    And now it's a fact proven by scientists!*
    This extraordinary Fruit Acid, sold under the name
    "MAGTAB Hydroxycitric Acid" comes from a very rare
    tropical fruit with amazing therapeutic properties, the
    Garcinia Cambogia. Recent discoveries about it prove
    indisputably that it increases thermogenesis, inhibits
    lipogenesis and naturally reduces appetite. But the best benefit of the "MAGTAB Hydroxycitric Acid" is the fact that, when using it, not only do you not store any new fat, but you also burn the stored fat you hold in reserve, even if it has been there for several years.
  • Simple and effective
  • No dieting
  • Visible results right away
  • No changes in the way you eat
  • Eat what you like, whenever you like
  • You won't regain weight
  • Completely natural and non toxic
  • Risk-free trial (1)

    "Magtab" Remember the name of this revolutionary product.

    *For all details, see our web site or call our team anytime (1) With purchase of a MAGTAB Program

    TO ORDER 1-877-973-0778 FAX (450) 682-1330 See all of our Interesting weight loss products. Gift! If you reply within 5 days, you'll receive a special piece of "jewelry" COUPON FORM FREE TRIAL FOR NEW LIFE! See detach and forward with your payment (check or money order) to: SBM-GIGA Inc. 823 Notre-Dame Sud Louiseville (Quebec) J5V 1YB YES I am interested in you free trial offer, with no obligation to buy. I will receive a complementary trial package that I may use free of cost. I understand that if after using my trial package, I am not fully satisfied, I can return, within 30 days, the sealed unused portion of my progam, for a full and prompt refund of the program (less the cost of handling and postal charges), no questions asked.


    Garcinia cambogia has never been proved to be effective in humans.
    Controlled studies and reviews failed to prove that it did anything more than placebo.

    Garcinia cambogia (hydroxycitric acid) as a potential antiobesity agent: a randomized controlled trial.

    Fact Sheet: Garcinia Cambogia
    Source: Department of Health Promotion and Wellness, Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, U.S. Army
    Author: Woodward, Jason R.
    Summary: This document gives an overview of Garcinia cambogia,
    including uses, forms, common dosage, costs per day, side effects,
    food-medication interactions, and safety and efficacy Resource type: fact sheet Publication Date: April 09, 2002

    Garcinia cambogia - study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    Hydroxycitric acid is obtained from extracts of G. cambogia and has been shown to inhibit citrate cleavage enzyme, suppress de novo fatty acid synthesis and food intake, and decrease body weight gain (20). We identified a double-blind RCT, which tested the effects of 3 g G. cambogia extract/d, which contained 50% hydroxycitric acid, in patients with an average BMI of 32 (20). The results suggest the absence of a significantly greater weight loss in the treatment group than in the placebo group. Two further double-blind RCTs report effects in favor of treatment with G. cambogia compared with placebo (Ramos et al, unpublished observations; cited in 20, 21). This is supported by a trial testing the effects of hydroxycitric acid (22). Other double-blind RCTs, however, that tested G. cambogia extract-or hydroxycitric acid-containing combination preparations with or without dietary alterations (Kaats et al, unpublished observations; cited in 20, 23-25) report conflicting results. Overall, the evidence for G. cambogia is not compelling. Adverse events are reported in the reviewed trials and are listed in Table 1.

    HCA review on Diabetic help web site
    This one doesn't appear to work and might be dangerous. Still interested?
    The Skinny: HCA comes from an Indian fruit (garcinia cambogia). In animals, HCA reduces appetite and leads to weight loss.
    The Evidence: Studies in humans find that it doesn't burn excess calories. A recent well-done study found that HCA was no better at melting away fat than a sugar pill. It's not clear that the compound even retains its activity after it is extracted from the fruit, or whether we can absorb it.
    Side Effects? Although HCA seemed to cause no problems in humans who took it for several months, when drug giant Hoffmann-La Roche tested HCA as a potential weight-loss drug in the 1980s, it found it caused serious side effects in animals - including a shrinking of testicles in males.
    The Bottom Line: No one can yet vouch for HCA's safety. If you want to act as a human guinea pig, it only costs about 40 cents a day for the typical 1.5-gram daily dose. But when you balance the lack of proven results and possible risks, the price may be greater than meets the eye.

    The Domain Name was registered through and there are no details as to who actually owns the company's web site. Domains by Proxy, Inc.

    15111 N Hayden Rd., Suite 160
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States
    Registered through: (
    Domain Name: SBMGIGA.COM
    Created on: 22-Jul-03
    Expires on: 22-Jul-05
    Last Updated on: 15-Aug-03
    Administrative Contact:
    Private, Registration
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N Hayden Rd., Suite 160
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States
    (480) 624-2599
    Technical Contact:
    Private, Registration
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N Hayden Rd., Suite 160
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States
    (480) 624-2599

    The unidentified people who market MAGTAB Hydroxycitric acid want you to send them your hard-earned money, not only via personal check, or money order, they also take major credit cards.

    If you have ordered this product let us know the results, and especially if they have NOT refunded your money.