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    In his lively debut, health and medical journalist Hurley takes aim at the $21 billion supplement industry and its potentially injurious "natural" products. Hurley maintains that the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 is one of the worst laws on the books. Shielding vitamins and herbal concoctions from FDA testing, it requires only that no curative claims be made for such "dietary supplements." If you think that "herbal" weight loss products are all safe, think again. Hurley targets the scam artists who sold billions of dollars of adulterated pills to make a buck, and left many people dead or permanently ill for the rest of their lives. The Chinese herbal products for weight-loss are especially dangerous.

    Broadway Press

    Terry Polevoy

  • Report Diet Scams and Ripoffs

    Have you been been ripped off by diet scams?
    If so, contact and we'd be happy to help you organize your complaint to the appropriate agency.
    You can file complaints yourself with:

    1. Health Canada
    2. Competition Bureau
    3. Advertising Standards Canada
    4. RCMP -

    Search the U.S. FTC for diet fraud.

    For instance the U.S. FTC has prosecuted diet patch scams for over two decades. They have now resurfaced with titles like Hoodia Patch and they are being advertised on publicly owned bus shelters and major malls across Canada. A recent FTC search pulled up over 100 entries on their web site alone for diet patches.
    Many of the diet patch scam artists have involved Canadian companies hiding out in private mailboxes. It seems that nothing has changed here in Canada, eh?


    Terrorists may be behind diet scamsWarning!!!Terrorists may be behind diet scams
    Your money may be funding terrorists

    Diet scams could be part of an international terrorist organization. If your credit card has been billed for products like Algoxyll, Plant Macerat, or Befosan, there's a good chance that your credit card statement was billed to Geneva Bioscience Ltd. Isle Of Man Gb. Just look at your credit card, and if you notice this company, or any other foreign transactions that you can't explain, please let us know. Just click on the file complaints section, and let us know what happened

    Canadian scammers want your moneySenior Citizens Beware
    Canadian mailbox drops

  • Diet scams from Canada including Algoxyll and their associated companies are now taking aim at older women and men. Their pattern of advertising to seniors is pretty similar to what Glen Braswell does. He goes after senior citizens. Algoxyll is now being advertised in 2 page ads in places like Quilt Magazine, weaving magazines, and more. So, if you see any of these scams in your magazine, please let us know.

    Boycott all Canadian mailorder companies until the U.S. and Canadian governments clean up their act. What are these government employees afraid of? Don't they want to help their citizens?

  • Gero Vita in Canada

  • When Glenn Braswell, who died in 2006 was still alive, he was in charge of Gero Vita. This huge money-making empire used a Mail Box Etc. location on Yonge Street in Toronto. During U.S. Senate hearings about diet and supplement scams on September 10, 2001, he and his editor took the Fifth Amendmant and refused to answer a single question. If you don't remember who he is, just follow the links below to the stories about his Presidential pardon in 2001, and don't forget to check the links between his company and Quebecor.

    For a look at what this formerly convicted felon's company has done since his release from prison 18 years ago, why not visit our special section on

    • Gero Vita Scams from Toronto Mailbox drop - He recently pled guilty to income tax evasion in Federal Court in California. (March 2, 2004)
    • 4936 Yonge Street - Home of more than just diet scams.

    • ONTSCAN.COM - sells smart card readers out of this location. If you don't know what they do, then you really need to smarten up. These people only work from the MBE location, and don't have a retail store. How convenient is that? I wonder who really owns the non-store? Well here's a hint from their contact page: "Make it out to "cash" or "Ron Katz" These discount are possible because you do not pay the credit card charges and your package is shipped via air mail. We often use registered air mail to provide some type of tracking information."

  • We Need Your Help

    Send us your catalog and ads for diet advertisements or magazine supplements, etc. Please save the envelope it came in. Tell us when you received it, and what you actually got, if you were satisfied, and if you got a refund if you sent it back. Also, tell us where you received the product from, and where you returned it. Remember when you send us mail, please remember to put on enough postage to reach Canada. Send your stuff to:
    Terry Polevoy, MD
    65 University Ave. East, Unit 10A
    Waterloo, ON  N2J 2V9

  • Send us your Dietfraud Alert - Make sure you include all information.
  • Royal Bank of Canada's special web page dedicated to the Grand Cayman Islands. In Senate testimony and in court affidavits filed against A Glenn Braswell, it was revealed that hundreds of millions of dollars in all likelihood went to bank accounts in the Caribbean. Why not take advantage of the wonderful world of Canadian banking? Join the fun, and if you can send twenty or thirty million dollars a month via wire transfers, that would be all the better.
  • Isle of Man Gateway - in case you're interested in another avenue to stash your money

  • RCMP Proceeds of Crime - Money Laundering - Organized criminals, in particular drug traffickers, generate inordinate amounts of cash. Criminals must make their illegally acquired wealth appear legitimate to derive a maximum benefit from their illegal activities. This is called money laundering. One method is the injection of illicit cash into the financial system through the small business community. If you suspect a company is selling something that seems it's too good to be true, that probably costs pennies to make, and is advertised heavily in magazines, chances are that you may be supporting people who are involved in very questionable activities.

  •'s Hot Topics

    SBM-GIGA-MAGTAB Hydroxycitric acid scam
  • SBM-GIGA-MAGTAB - Yet another diet scam from Canada. This time it does not involve a MBE location. Why is it that almost every major diet scam comes from Canada. This one has one ingredient listed on their web site, but it happens to have no effect in human studies. Buyers beware.

  • Another Mailbox Etc. based product - Why is it that almost every major diet scam comes from Canada. This one is no exception. No ingredients, no phone number, no real address, and lots of questions about the owners.

    Zantrex-3 - did Britney Spears use it?
  • MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE by MICHAEL SPECTER Dietary supplements are unregulated, some are unsafe—and Americans can’t get enough of them. - The New Yorker for February 2, 2004 has a feature story by Michael Specter on the latest diet pill from Utah. He examines the story behind this product, DSHEA, and some of the people involved in marketing this one. The article starts out by reference to Britney Spears who was photographed with the pills in her purse.

  • Another Mailbox Etc. based product - Why is it that almost every major diet scam comes from Canada. This one is no exception. No ingredients, no phone number, no real address, and lots of questions about the owners.

    FDA Takes Action on Ephedra

    Federal Trade Commission Actions
  • Latest Google news on FTC media actions
  • Main FTC web site
  • Guidance to the media issued in November 2003 The staff of the Federal Trade Commission conducted a "Red Flag" education campaign to assist media outlets voluntarily to screen out weight-loss product ads containing claims that are too good to be true. After the workshop that was held the year before, it was apparent that the media, that was so hooked on the advertising dollars that diet scams brought to their coffers, ignored their pleas. The scams continued, in fact, they flourished. Because of the reluctance of most media outlets to comply , and after numerous charges filed by the FTC and others over the last year, the axe began to fall in December 2003.
  • Actions Against Marketers of Fraudulent Weight-loss Products
  • Hydro-Gel Slimpatch - Their lawyers in New York say that the FTC is all wrong. Just because the FSA Group, a Canadian fulfillment house based in Toronto, that rents a MBE (UPS Store) mailbox in Buffalo, and that moves money around the world for three guys from the UK who came up with another diet patch that is bogus, doesn't mean that their assets should be frozen. Why it's their Constitutional right to do what they are doing. The only problem is that they are in Canada, and their lawyer is quoting the U.S. Constitution. We complained about the products a very long time ago, and finally have seen action that will shut these people down for good, despite Wall Street law firms.

  • ThermaSlim - Universal Nutrition Corporation, MTM Marketing & Consulting Inc. and their owner, Robert J. Michnal, have agreed to pay $1 million in consumer redress to settle allegations that the defendants made false and unsubstantiated claims for "ThermoSlim", a purported weight-loss product containing ephedra and other ingredients. Among other requirements, the settlement bans the defendants from making false and unsubstantiated claims for ephedra in connection with the marketing of any weight-loss product.
  • Body Solutions - Mark Nutritionals - Harry Siskind, former President and CEO of Mark Nutritionals, Inc. has agreed to pay a total of $1 million to the FTC and the states of Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Siskind will pay half of the $1 million to the federal government as part of the settlement with the FTC. Siskind's agreement with the FTC also requires him to post a $1 million bond before selling a weight-loss product or service in the future.
  • covers patch scams - We are the leaders in tracking down diet patch scammers. Trust us, we do our job, so you won't get ripped off.

    TrimSpa and Anna Nicole Smith
    Charged by N.J. Attorney General
    A flim-flamming stage hypnotist has been charged with deceptive advertising practices and failure to warn customers about the dangerous products that he sells.

    Maxi-Trim from Montreal
    Another MBE location
    Maxi-Trim joins the legendary scams that use this MBE location in Montreal. If you believe in miracles, don't bet on this one. Don't forget to revisit the BioMince people while you are there as well. Valassis Shop & Save just doesn't understand what a scam really is, and I don't think that they respond very well to criticism either.

    NXCARE's Calorie Care
    University of Guelph ethics questioned
    A graduate student, and perhaps his silent partners, and professors at a major Canadian university may have more than just the ethics committee to answer to. A slick satellite feed, press releases, and university bulletins were all part of the launch of yet another miracle cure for obesity. Well, DietFraud and the media have serious questions.

    Lose Inches Now - Better than Lipsuction
    Wild claims for body gels and creams
    This Mexican company ships creams and gels to U.S. distributors who then set up bogus web sites that make wild claims. The claims are basically not true. Our recommendation - Smear it on an envelope and send it to the FDA or FTC for immediate action.

    Plastic Surgery Magazine
    Phasenol ES makes unsupported claims
    This twelve page bogus magazine has been mailed out to millions of homes across North America. Please don't take a chance on this diet. Call the company and ask to speak with Dr. Rapoport, or the guy from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and ask for references for their claims. Then ask them why they have had so many names and toll-free numbers for their business operations in Canada.

    Chromium picolinate linked to DNA damage
    Study links popular sports supplement to sterility
    The athlete's toolbox is taking another hit with a new study suggesting that chromium picolinate, a popular supplement perceived to trim fat and build muscle, could cause sterility in a user's children and grandchildren.

  • Join lawsuit
    Company Allegedly Made False and Unsubstantiated Claims for "Cellasene"
    Rexall Sundown, Inc. (Rexall) will pay up to $12 million to resolve Federal Trade Commission charges regarding its marketing of the dietary supplement, "Cellasene," a purported cellulite treatment product. The settlement is contingent on approval by the federal district court in Miami and approval of related settlements in class action lawsuits currently pending against Rexall in California and Florida. If approved, the FTC and class action settlements together will provide up to $12 million in redress for consumers throughout the United States who purchased Cellasene.

    High-Dose Ephedra sales in Canada unchecked

    Despite all the public pronouncements and efforts by Health Canada (yeah right), high dose ephedra or ma huang products are easy to obtain up here. Major news program is looking for Canadians who are willing to talk about their experiences with high dose ephedra. We know that it's easy to get, and we'd like to hear from you for an on-camera interview. So just contact us and we will pass your name on the the producer.

  • Contact: DietFraud with your story.

    D-Day for FTC

    FTC Actions January 2003 - Serious charges against worst offenders

  • Enforma Fat Trapper and Steve Garvey

  • Slim Down Solutions

  • Breast enhancers.

    WARNING!!!! Mike Williams Algae Bio Slimmer Scam in U.K.

    Mike Williams Algae Bio Slimmer ScamA rare gem for Rapid, Healthy and Forever Weight Loss

    - Yes folks a bogus doctor from Europe wants you to believe that his Algae Bio Slimmer is the answer to all of your prayers. The only trouble is, none of it is true. The multi-page scam was delivered to hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of homes in the U.K. during the first week of January 2003.

    WARNING!!!! Skinny Pill for kids

  • Self proclaimed nutritionist attacked for pediatric weight-loss scam - Canadian educated, Edita Kaye, holds no recognized academic diplomas in the field of dietetics or bariatrics. In fact, we don't know if she has any training at all in the field of weight loss. But, that didn't stop her from convincing people all over North American and around the world to buy into her products, and her books. The rest might have been history, but she treaded into the world of pediatrics with her Skinny Pill for Kids. takes aim at an icon in the world of diet and weight loss promotions. If you've got a fat kid, you need to pay attention to this special coverage.

    Body Solutions sued by government and the media

  • Bogus claims, bankrupt company and now lawsuits - When will this insanity stop? The scammers from Texas, previously bankrupt in another diet company apparently earned $190 million in about three years. They hired the morning man from top Ohio radio station to train hundreds of others to do testimonials for Body Solutions. He's now laid off, and back on the air. The company in Texas, known as Mark Nutritionals. now owes nearly $40 million to advertising agencies, and radio stations. Top this off with civil lawsuits and government actions, why is this stuff on the market, and why are there DJs who still believe that their 32 pound weight loss was due to the product?

    Bad news for diet/supplement industry

  • A squeeze on supplements -
    John T. Fakler Sales of $17 billion a year are nothing to sneeze at. But growing consumer demand for fast cures and better health through dietary products has led federal regulators to scrutinize dietary supplements. The result is higher liability and manufacturing costs, which have stalled companies' revenue growth. There is an ongoing debate about the safety of some ingredients in the billions of pills, protein drinks and energy bars consumed by those seeking to gain muscle and energy or lose weight.

  • Asian Svelteness Tea - Another MBE based operation

  • Lose 54 Pounds and drop 6 dress sizes
    It's deja vu all over again folks. Not only is the Genesis Health Institute not a real institute, but these folks claim to have discovered a famous 2,000 year old herbal product that will do everything except windows. Plus they claim that a university hospital in Beijing published the results of a study in a highly respected British medical journal on nutrition, but failed to identify the name ofthe journal. You don't have to do a thing, and it's permanent. They also don't know how to spell. So if you want to see something amazing happen, just try to get your money back, after you fail to lose the guaranteed weight!

  • Slim-Within - Canada fails to shut down another Montreal based scam

  • Valassis Shop & Save spreads false hope to millions
    It wasn't bad enough that these scammers used MBE in Montreal area to ply their trade last May with SLIMMAX. They have resurfaced with yet another scam. Get this, they use the same bloody mail box in Quebec.

    These idiots again violate the cardinal rule of scam artists, THEY DON'T HAVE A PHONE, AND THEY DON'T ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. DUH DUH DUH. HOW STUPID CAN PEOPLE BE.

  • FTC shuts down Canadian scammers, freezes assets

  • Bio Lab, maker of Cellu-Fight, Quick Slim - International scammers use Mail Boxers Etc. locations in Toronto, Montreal, Plattsburgh and Lake Placid, NY.
    Finally, some good news. The long arm of the U.S.'s FTC slammed a Canadian based diet fraud operation. It's Bio-Lab, based in Quebec. The bad news is that these folks have operated out of two Mail Boxes Etc. two locations in upstate New York, and several other locations in Ontario and Quebec and have not been shut down in Canada.

    So, don't expect Health Canada to come to your rescue if you've been scammed. Canada's Competition Bureau was given credit for helping the FTC, so why doesn't the Canadian government put leg irons on these folks on this side of the border? Until the body bags start piling up, they won't do a thing about consumer ripoffs like this. So, don't buy this junk. It's as simple as that.

  • FDA Actions and Opinions

    So, what took them so long? Some of your favorites are in this group. noni juice, shark cartilage, MSM, St. John's Wort, Carnitine, Glucosamine, 5-HTP, etc. Whether or not this will send a warning to all the big-name players will depend if the FDA has to call in the Attorney Generals in the States where these folks live.

    TriKlenz scam from Quebec

  • Dr. Leblanc's folly
    An imaginery doctor equals imaginery weight loss. We just love this really bad advertising campaign in the Toronto SUN.


  • PapayaPlus
    Latest scam uses outrageous claims that papaya enzymes can melt fat away. Why even the Better Business Bureau has a record on these scam artists.

    Zymax - Cross border scammers
    - Why doesn't Health Canada wake up?

  • Denman Scientific
    When you can't scam them in Nevada, or California, just put your mailbox in Canada. These scammers don't know when to give up, and the Canadian postal authorities, and private mailing services just leave them alone.

    Biotonic - PhytoTrim scam uses MBE
    - Why don't they wake up?

  • 1063 Main Street, Hamilton
    Over the last three months the boys and girls from Biotonic and PhytoTrim have been scamming Canadians and others with wild claims about how Lisa Sinclair was able to come out of her depression by losing 47 pounds without dieting or medication in only 7 weeks, after taking her mother's incredible advice. Now she wants to scam you............

    Plant Macerat Back on line
    - Chantal Legrand still singing her refrain

  • PhytoPharma up from the grave - They're down but not out.
    The infamous scammers from Plant Macerat aka PhytoPharma may be heading down the long green mile in a few short weeks. Even though their web site was temporarily down, it's not quite the end for these diet scam chameleons. On or around July 31, 2002 their web site fell silent. They must have forgotten to pay their annual fees for registration.

    We've done our best to see that Patrice (Patrick) Runner and buddy David Sousse have their place in history. If you want to see what this is all about just click here.

    Dangerous Herbal Products

  •'s Herbal News -
    Scores of victims of Chinese diet pills
    Follow the breaking news about dangerous, contaminated, and bogus herbal products that come from Japan. Have any of you fallen for the full page ads in mainstream magazines that you too can lose all the weight you need by taking herbal products from China. This industry is out of control, and your government is almost powerless to stop them.

    Long term supplement study nixes benefits

  • Anti-oxidant vitamins don't work
    Major study in The Lancet showed that supplementing with Vitamin-C, E, and beta carotene did not produce any significant reductions in the 5-year mortality from, or incidence of, any type of vascular disease, cancer, dementia, asthma, fractures, or cataracts. In other words in a carefully controlled 5 year study, they did nothing.

    Pure Health International is Pure Bunk

  • Pure Health International - Diet Book Scam
    Are you going to give Toronto's notorious scammer Amro Aleish your sensitive credit card information when you order his e-manual for losing weight permanently? If you do, you might as well kiss your money goodby. He lies about his location in Toronto. He fails to place PMB on his web site as required by U.S. law, when he uses a MBE location in Plattsburgh, New York. Plus, he can't even spell it correctly.

    PhytoPharma - Plant Macerat continue operations from Canada

  • Latest ads running in Prevention Magazine - July 2002
    Despite the CTV W-FIVE show in January and February, and despite numerous official complaints to our government, Patrice Runner seems to be the "teflon don" of diet products. He's been around so long, I am beginning to wonder if he really is who he says he is. According to the July issue of Protégez-Vous, Quebec's consumer watchdog magazine, Runner and his associates have been involved in at least 30 different schemes, all of them diet related.

  • Cellu-Fight - another MBE based scam

  • Latest Toronto based cellulite scam
    Why does Mailboxes Etc. franchise holder at the Pickle Barrel Plaza on Leslie Street in Toronto harbour yet another diet scam?

    Don't expect Health Canada to come to your rescue. Until the body bags start piling up, they won't do a thing about consumer ripoffs like this. So, don't buy this junk. It's as simple as that.

  • Dr. Bernstein's diet panned by CBC Marketplace

  • Leading expert on low calorie diets endicts Bernstein
    Despite lawsuits and celebrity hawkers, his diet empire continues to grow.

    "If you are thinking about shedding a few pounds and you see Mike Bullard's ads for the Bernstein Health and Diet Clinics, look beyond the famous face and make sure it's right for you."

    PharmaPlus sells dubious weight loss products and devices

  • Take a look at this week's flyer for your favorite diet scam
    Why would Canada's second largest drug store conglomerate risk their reputation in the marketplace. Why do they market bogus products like AbSolutions, Fat Trapper, Ezee Slimming Patches, and Cellasene?

    Vitamin Fitness and Weight Loss Products Targeted.

  • FTC's Project Absurd - takes aim at abdominizers
    WASHINGTON - May 9, 2002 - FTC Charges Three Top-selling Electronic Abdominal Exercise Belts with Making False Claims Alleges Electronic Abdominal Gadgets Won't Provide Six-Pack Abs
  • "Now you can get rock hard abs with no sweat"
  • "Lose 4 Inches in 30 Days Guaranteed"
  • "30% More Effective Than Normal Exercise"
  • "10 Minutes = 600 Sit-Ups"

  • Health Canada considers abdominal exercisers - May 14, 2002 Health Canada is investigating claims made by the makers of several abdominal exercise belts. The move follows lawsuits filed by American authorities against the marketers of three belt brands: AbTronic, AB Energizer and Fast Abs.
  • Consumer Information on Electronic Muscle Stimulators
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission takes action against Abtronics
    BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - May 9, 2002 - The ACCC alleges that Danoz Direct Pty Ltd, sole director Mr Moshe Ozana and other individuals engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct, or were knowingly concerned in the conduct, while promoting the Abtronic as a muscle stimulation machine.
  • Media Warned About False Advertising -
    WASHINGTON, April 16, 2002 -- A member of the Federal Trade Commission wants media companies to take a stronger role in policing advertising touting vitamin supplements and weight loss products. "There is nothing that prevents us" from going after media companies, Sheila Anthony said during a speech to the Food and Drug Law Institute. "We are looking at the advertising and where it is running."

  • Montreal Based Diet Scams

  • SLIMMAX - Latest Montreal based MBE scam
  • Over one dozen so far and counting. Rainbow Investigations is hot on the trail of over one dozen scams based in Montreal. Eight of the promotions are part of the overall PhytoPharma operation, operating under InfoGest. These are the infamous Plant Macerat, Algoxyll, SLIMMAX, PhytoLab HCA, Naturlab Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules, Boreal Health and Beauty, Hollywood Weekend Turbo Diet, and Genesis Health PhytoTrim.

    PharmaPlus promotes diet quackery

  • Hollywood Celebrity Fast and Dr. Martin lead the way - When one of North America's largest drug store conglomerates markets bogus weight loss products it's all part of the profit game. The fact that these diet juices and pills don't work doesn't bother PharmaPlus. Would you buy your stuff from a company founded by a chiropractor who earned his PhD from a discredited mailorder diploma mill in Louisiana?

    Ephedrine nixed by FDA - Utah firm burned by consent decree.

  • All products recalled and ordered destroyed. Biogenics Inc., of St. George, Utah, doing business as E'OLA International, has signed a consent decree that prohibits the firm from manufacturing and distributing violative products. These include AMP II Pro Drops, any product containing ephedrine hydrochloride, or any synthetic ephedrine alkaloid, or any drug product that is a new drug not approved by FDA.

    PatentLEAN - Questionable Credentials

  • Is it patently absurd, or a miracle come true? Supermarket tabloids help resurrect another diet product that's "patented. Wow, am I impressed. It pops up at various sites on the internet, too. Come along and see if you agree that about the only thing that seems to be patented here, is a hearty imagination.

  • Meridia under scope

  • Health Canada calls for investigation OTTAWA - Health Canada is investigating a diet drug used by 9,000 Canadians. Meridia is under review by European regulators and has been pulled from the market in Italy. The drug has been linked to two deaths in Italy and at least 28 others around the world. There's still no proof the drug killed the people. Many of those using Meridia, also known as Reductil or sibutramine, are severely overweight or obese.

    Royal Jelly Flops

  • Don't be taken in by the snake-oil doctors Berkeley Wellness Letter - April 2002
    When Cass Ingram (Igram) makes an appearance in your town, chances are he's there to pitch some of his latest snake-oil. He wants you to buy Royal Jelly products. He has no opinion, accept his own, that it works. While on a tour to Southwestern Ontario in March, he happened to reach an audience full of skeptics. If you've got a disease, according to Igram, his royal jelly will probably cure it. If you ask what's in it, chances are it's all there, and it's natural. This snake-oil salesman from Illinois, is nothing short of a major disaster for public health efforts. We can't understand why he is given full access to Canadian media. It's as if someone at the Toronto International Airport rolls out the red carpet for him every time he lands. It's my opinion that he should be banned from entering Canada.

    His unconscienable tour through Walkerton a few years ago raised the hackle on my neck. So, the bottom line is this, if your local pharmacy sells royal jelly, call the College of Pharmacists in your Province, or the Board of Pharmacy in your State. There is nothing to it, and it could kill you.

    Herbal Mayhem

  • Chinese medicines for slimming still cause health problems British Medical Journal - March 16, 2002
    The vast majority of Chinese herbalists and practitioners of other traditional medicines are responsible, professional, and caring. Our recent experience, however, highlights how the public's trend to believe, often with great naivety, in natural remedies can be abused. Stringent regulation of traditional medicines, at least to the standards of conventional practice, is urgently needed.

    Ed. I say that some Chinese herbalists in U.K. obviously don't care about using contaminated herbs on diet conscious Brits. I say let's string them up, stick acupuncture needles in them wher the sun don't shine, and make them take their own medicine. Then put them on a slow boat to wherever they want to go. That's the ticket!!!

  • Diet Ads target of ABC's 20/20

  • Too Easy? Experts Skeptical About Weight-Loss Devices The flood of diet advertising has increased 200 percent over the last decade, leaving regulators overwhelmed and dieters on a never-ending mission for the next quick-fix solution among the Wild West of advertising claims, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

    Absotutely nothin' to Abdominizers

  • Do Ab Machines Shown on TV Really Work? - This report originally aired on ABC, and this was at at time when the heads of the major Ab Machine makers refused to talk to the media. They changed their tune in the link above.

    Diet Fads Tested: Ab Energizer

  • Company president won't show us his abs!!! Who wouldn't want to turn love handles into rock-hard abs without having to do a single situp? If we're to believe the TV ads, all you have to do is strap on one of those electronic ab exerciser belts. But, do they really work? - You can watch the video.

  • Lose money while you sleep - not fat

  • Diet Fads Tested: Body Solutions - SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) -- There's trouble brewing for Body Solutions, a diet company that's been advertising heavily on Bay Area radio stations. The company marketing the product, San Antonio-based Mark Nutritionals, is facing class action lawsuits from consumers in Florida and Michigan. The Orange County District Attorney's office is also investigating it for possible false advertsing.
  • More on Body Solutions from
  • Slim Slippers: A Precautionary Tale

  • I thought slimming insoles had gone away But, Mr. Dunkle, a former top Reader's Digest editor, and founder and CEO of DietPower, which produces nutrition and fitness software for the personal computer and the World Wide Web has just brought a smile to my face, and a spring to my step again. This article is an expanded version of his first "Duck Hunt" column that will be a regular feature in DietPower's monthly e-mail newsletter.

    Hydro-Gel Slim Patch Scam

  • Readers of weekend newspaper coupon supplements were treated to a really great scam. Forget about Chantel Legrand, and PhytoPharma. This one's "CLEARLY BETTER", and it's a PATCH. And, they recycle old pictures from the Svelt Patch boys in Montreal.

    Latest Government Sites and Warnings

    FTC fines Pyramid diet scammers

  • Waitkus marketed dangerous products through Streamline International A participant in a pyramid scheme that posed as a multi-level marketing business has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the scheme violated federal law. The settlement bars Robert Waitkus from engaging in illegal marketing schemes in the future and requires that he give up $30,000 in ill-gotten gains. The settlement also will bar him from making false or unsubstantiated safety or efficacy claims for dietary supplements. The FTC's complaint says, "a number of dietary supplements sold by the defendants contain the herbal ingredient comfrey, which is not included on the Food and Drug Administration's list of products generally recognized as safe. In fact, comfrey is known to pose a significant risk to humans, including liver damage, when used internally or externally on open wounds."

    Slim Chances

  • SlimDown Fast - SmartSource promotion This one is nominated for the Scam of the Month club here at Combine two fat women, now thin of course, with a copycat name, a sleezy lawyer's picture, and of course, familiar logos of Visa, Mastercard, American Express to make you feel really comfortable about giving these con artists your credit card number. Sorry, but if I were a betting man, I'd say that this Mailboxes Etc. based scam in Toronto has links in Quebec, perhaps upstate New York, and God only knows who ends up getting rich. Please stay away from these folks, and while you are at it, why not call in your local RCMP, or FBI to investigate the money trail. This one sounds like a real loser. We only hope that the money doesn't end up in some off-shore bank account used to fund some crooked organization.

    More Slim Chances

  • Slim Down!! - TV Infomercial with Joan Van Ark A confusing week on TV and direct mail have produced scores of new infomercials and ads to wet your appetite during Super Bowl Sunday. We will compile as many as we can, but beware, they are all losers. That is, they are all losers for you and winners for the bank accounts of those who perpetrate these frauds.

    NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw

  • Fighting back against diet scams Janet Makinen, a 51-year-old Florida housewife, is suing the maker of Body Solutions. NBC's Fred Francis reports.


  • Do you want to sue food companies? ABC NEWS - Experts Weigh Holding Food Companies Responsible for Obesity

    Cellu-System - Magnetic Shorts for Cellulite

  • We nominate this as the Scam of the Month This one wins hands-down. In fact, it may win Scam of the Year. Our sister web site follows magnetic scams. Just click on the link above. For those who really need a good laugh, just go down to your favourite Shoppers Drug Mart and ask the pharmacist if the alarm will go off when you go to through security at the airport when when you wear the amazing Cellu-System Magnetic Toning Shorts. We put this here, not because of the magnets, but because of the gotu kola that's in their pills and tea.

    CBS 48 Hours - "Lot to Lose"

  • January 18, 2002
    • New Research On A Popular Diet Plan
    • Gastric Bypass Gets Mixed Results
    • Search On For A 'Magic Bullet'


    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleged that Enforma, a dietary supplement manufacturer of weight loss products, has not followed the agency's orders to stop using false and misleading references. That hasn't stopped Shoppers Drug Mart from putting in floor displays in hundreds of its Canadian stores. Only this time Steve Garvey's picture is gone.
  • Enforma Systems busted again
  • Enforma Systems busted


    So-called cleansing herbal regimes don't promote good health, experts say
    - CAMILLE BAINS - CP - Jan 11, 2001 "There's no research evidence that people who do these regimes are healthier than people who don't."


  • Health Canada is advising consumers not to use any products containing kava - January 16, 2002
  • A popular herbal relaxant available was banned in France as reports tied it to severe liver damage. Joseph Brean - National Post - January 10, 2002


    Health Canada has requested a recall of products containing ephedra/ephedrine immediately because of concerns it can cause heart attacks, seizures and psychotic episodes.
  • Ephedra compounds recalled by Health Canada

  • Hot Spots and Actions

  • PhytoPharma and Plant Macerat exposed on
    W-FIVE CTV's Special
    - Terry Polevoy, and Ron Reinhold guided CTV through a web of deceptive practices on this award winning Canadian program.



  • Bloussant breast enhancement scam
  • Scientists Take Aim at Herbal Quackery
  • ReviFace - another Canadian wrinkle pill scam
  • Calorad - lose money while you sleep?
  • Imedeen wrinkle pill promotion
  • Cellasene Phantasy
  • FTC charges Rexall Sundown over Cellasene
  • FDA Warns Against Use of Dietary Weight Loss Aid
  • FDA's FAQs
  • PPA warnings
  • Andro makers sued by California AG
  • Body Wraps Exposed
  • Glenn Braswell - Gero Vita

  • Elk Velvet Emergency!
  • Weider has wrists slapped by FTC
  • Veromax - Duckett's folly
  • Hollywood Weekend TurboDiet
  • Malibu Beach Two Day Diet
  • George Bush Jr. and Metabolife
  • Efalex - Efamol
  • Enforma Systems busted
  • Rave drug trial
  • GBL Deaths
  • Rave Drug Watch: Ecstacy
  • Low Carb Diets
  • Metabolife on 20/20
  • Noni Nonsense
  • The Doctor Will Sell You Now
  • Pyruvate

  • Have you Been Ripped Off?



    We are seeking plaintiffs for class action lawsuit against major weight loss product companies, and are collecting information to assist the courts to file charges against the distributors and clubs that promote use of illegal rave drugs. Please send us the information and we will get back to you.

    Plaintiffs Wanted

    If you feel you have suffered from any of the products below, a national documentary film producer wants to hear from you. If you want to share your story with millions of people who are potential victims of these diet products, and devices, please help. Please specify which product you are complaining about in the subject field.
    • Body Solutions
    • Algoxyll
    • Plant Macerat
    • Herbal products
    • Malibu Weekend
    • Hollywood Turbo
    • Diet patches
    • Metabolife
    • Chitosan
    • Homeopathic GH
    • Ephedra